Nu Strut Returns From The Lounge With Charmae For New Jazzy House Single “You”

Sometimes we have to admit that we are simple creatures…we hear a saxophone used uniquely and we have to scream it from the rooftops. On our latest visit over to Electric Hawk we are checking out “You”, the newest single from Nu Strut and Charmae. A creative project created by Texan multi-instrumentalist Brent Pinero, Nu Strut was born once Pinero began experimenting with electronic music back in 2016. Pinero began his musical journey fourteen years ago as a member of multiple bands where he discovered his love for Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop- and Neo-Soul. Once electronic music was introduced into the fray, Pinero found inspiration from genre-benders like Gramatik, LSDREAM, and KOAN Sound. In order to re-introduce funk back into the newer generation of listeners, Pinero developed his own version of feel-good bass and Nu Strut was born. Recently Nu Strut made his live debut via Electric Hawks’ Virtual Harmony Festival and released a spirited remix of Au5 & Nasty Purple’s “Funk Ain’t Even.”

Fresh off of his “Pornstache” release with Wreckno, we have to admit we didn’t expect to hear another new banger from Nu Strut this soon. However, we welcome Nu Strut along with vocalist Charmae with open arms and prepare ourselves to enter the world of nu-disco once again. “You” is a fantastic tech-house track, creating a lush audible lounge for us to kick our feet up and enjoy the vibes that Nu Strut provides. The single feels as if it was ripped directly out of the 70s, injected with a small amount of modern flair, then shoved in front of our faces for consumption. While Nu Strut builds the framework of a lavish underground lounge for us, Charmae’s sultry voice sells the experience and adds the extra cherry on top that we were missing. If Nu Strut keeps pumping out bangers like “Pornstache” and “You”, he could lead a whole subgenre of music on his own.

Make sure you check out “You” on Spotify below!

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