Singer/Songwriter Sarah Walk Revisits Her Earlier Singles In New Stripped-Down “Simply” EP

Once you’ve grown as a musician, it is a grand idea to take a look back at some of your previous work and offer a revisit at the point you are now. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out Simply, the latest EP from Sarah Walk. Another graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Walk hailed from Minnesota but bounced back between LA and London (don’t we all). She quietly worked on her debut album, Little Black Book, with her producer Steve Brown and started off on her journey as a professional musician. Walk would also go on to release her second album, Another Me, using the album as a more self-investigative vehicle on her own views. The album explores themes such as women empowerment, vulnerability, entitlement, and toxic relationships through an open and honest conversation. Having wanted to cover Prince for some time now, Sarah Walk provided her take on one of the most popular songs of all time, “Nothing Compares 2 U”. That may have been our introduction to Sarah’s work, so we are excited for what she brings to the table this time.

“The ‘Simply’ video was a really fun collaborative project between Daniel Coleman (director) Raven Katz (co-writer of ‘simply’) and myself. We all took tons of footage on our iPhones of things we would see out on walks that were non-human – little moments of untouchable freedom, from plants, flowers or urban environments that replicate the sentiment in the song. We wanted the video to feel like a bunch of snapshots of contrasted beauty, paralleled against me singing to an open flame.”  – Sarah Walk

Sarah Walk has been an interesting musician to watch as she has grown throughout this last year, serving as one our more-rounded artists in the indie world. The latest from the Walk camp, Simply is a beautiful collection of stripped-down previously release singles from her Another Me album (released last year) as well as two additional singles. Each track pays homage to Walk’s emotional lyrics and honest writing, while feeling like individual vignettes for us as listeners to peer in and experience. While there are unique interpretations of a few of Walk’s previously covered singles, the album’s title track and new single “Secrets” steal the show. “Simply” has a beautifully shot music video the embodies every facet of Walk’s musical style that we’ve come to know. On the other hand, “Secrets” shows listeners that Walk is still experimenting and tweaking her sound, relying on laid-back grooves and synths to mold a more contemporary R&B sound. Even though we’ve been covering Sarah Walk for some time now. She still continues to surprise us with each new project.

Make sure you check out “Simply” on YouTube below or her full EP on your favorite streaming platform!

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Photo Credit: Daniel Smith Coleman

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