Thomas Day Cracks Our Emotional Shell With New Single/Music Video “Coming Home”

With so many of our pop artists showcasing their emotional sides it’s hard to not open our own shell just a little bit. On our latest peek into the pop world we are checking out “Come Home”, the latest from Thomas Day. Thomas Day discovered his passion for music at the age of 9 through musical theater productions. Despite excelling in football in high school and receiving several college scholarships offers upon graduating, Thomas remained committed to his musical dreams. In 2021, he chose to decline the football offers and pursue a career in music full-time. With over 100 million global streams, close to 1 million monthly Spotify listeners, and 7 million social media followers, it’s evident that Thomas made the right decision.

This song is about coming to accept everything that has ever hurt you in your life, and realizing it’s ok. I wrote this about growing up and it has completely changed me, and for that I am forever grateful. It’s an emotional song for me with a lot of heart and I can’t wait for the person who listens, to heal.” – Thomas Day

ith a continuation of his recent success with singles like “MASOCHIST” and “VICIOUS,” Thomas once again demonstrates his exceptional talent for transforming personal pain into captivating, chart-topping tracks with his latest release, “Come Home.” This emotionally charged ballad stands as a testament to Thomas‘ artistry, skillfully capturing the complex blend of euphoria and melancholy that accompanies the process of healing and moving forward from past heartbreaks. “Come Home” serves as a musical embodiment of the myriad emotions that often accompany the journey of letting go and finding closure. Thomas skillfully weaves together heart-wrenching lyrics and powerful vocal performance, creating a profound connection between the listeners and the song’s deeply personal narrative. As the haunting melody unfolds, the track paints a vivid picture of the raw vulnerability and strength required to confront the ghosts of a failed relationship.

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