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Emerging Vancouver Artist B00sted Drops New Pop-Infused Single “She Wanna”

In today’s ever-evolving music scene, who the hell needs a normal niche to thrive in? On our latest visit to 604 Records we are checking out ” She Wanna”, the latest drop from B00sted. At the age of 21, B00sted, whose real name is Keegan Jaeckel, has always felt a deep connection to music. However, he never knew where it might take him. With a devoted YouTube following and some creative thinking, B00sted has transformed into a pop/rap sensation, making waves across the industry.B00sted’s rise to fame began with a DIY mindset, leading to over three million views on YouTube alone and over 7 million catalog streams. Recently signed to 604 Records, B00sted is proving to be a leading artist in the next generation of musicians to watch.

‘She Wanna’ is a song about falling for someone even though you know it’s a bad idea. You find yourself getting lost in the moment and doing stuff you usually wouldn’t do. “She take drugs, she dance with the devil, does some things I’ll keep on the low.” You know that she’s bad news, but you decide to take the risk anyway. I take these feelings and turn it into a Pop, Alternative, Indie-pop/rock inspired song.” – B00sted

B00sted, an emerging artist from Vancouver, is taking the music world by storm with his latest single “She Wanna.” The track showcases the young artist’s pop sensibility while exploring a more alt-leaning sound, displaying his versatility and fresh approach to hip-hop. The single is available now via 604 Records and is already gaining attention from music lovers worldwide. B00sted’s success can be attributed to his unique sound and his ability to connect with his audience. His music appeals to a wide range of listeners, and he continues to push boundaries and explore new genres. “She Wanna” is the perfect example of his talent and versatility, and it’s sure to be a hit among music fans.

Make sure you check out “She Wanna” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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