Iconic Dutch Duo Yellow Claw Drops “Hey Sensei” – Bilingual Fusion of Trap and Hip-Hop, Featuring Japanese Female Rapper Shachi. Out Now on Barong Family

While we often know where to look for those genre-bending bangers, today’s artist is one we often overlook and then turn around and are constantly surprised. On our latest visit over to Barong Family we are checking out “Hey Sensei”, the latest drop from Yellow Claw and SHACHI. Bursting onto the scene way back in 2013, Yellow Claw has been changing and molding the modern look of bass music. First popping up on our radar with their first major hit “DJ Turn It Up”, Yellow Claw‘s blend of hip-hop and club music has dominated playlists throughout clubs worldwide. With the success of that track and “In My Room”, Yellow Claw has gained over 300 million streams just from those two tracks alone. Back in 2015 Yellow Claw‘s debut album Blood for Mercy even won the Dutch equivalent of a Grammy. They haven’t slowed down even the smallest bit, with multiple global tours that have been further injecting Yellow Claw into the bass music industry.

We met up with Shachi when we did a show in Tokyo. Airdropped her the beat, and she sent us the vocals a couple of days later. All the Japanese lyrics are really like a painting with words to us. We don’t know what they mean, but they sound so good.” – Yellow Claw

Dutch duo Yellow Claw has once again proved their versatility and genre-bending abilities with their latest track “Hey Sensei.” Following their “¥€$” studio album as €URO TRA$H, the dynamic duo collaborates with Japanese female rapper Shachi for this new release. The song seamlessly blends elements of trap and hip-hop, resulting in a party-ready track that will get you moving. One of the most unique aspects of “Hey Sensei” is the mixture of English and Japanese lyrics. This blend adds an exciting element to the track, creating vivid imagery throughout the sonic journey. Yellow Claw’s signature style shines through in “Hey Sensei,” as they incorporate various sounds, including xylophone solos, mechanical synths, and rhythmic basslines. These different elements come together to create an eclectic and energetic track that showcases the duo’s musical abilities. Shachi’s vocals add an additional layer of depth to the song, with her sultry yet hard-hitting delivery creating a bridge between the two genres.

Make sure you check out “Hey Sensei” on Spotify below!

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