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Novul Shares High Energy Old Hollywood-Meets-Glam Country Track “Big & Rich”

Sometimes even the likes of metal and bass heads like us fall into the world of country. On our latest dive into the indie scene we are checking out “Big & Rich”, the latest drop from Novul. Novul’s music features 90s-inspired beats, pop vocals, and catchy lyrics. Her songs, including “Like Us,” “STICKY,” and “Coattails,” have gained over 5.5 million views on TikTok. Novul’s latest single, “Chips n’ Dip,” received support from Pharrell’s company, music.com, who promoted the artist with giant billboards around Los Angeles. Novul’s music is uplifting and encourages listeners to tap into their inner strength.

“In the modern Wild West, there are not many cowboys or horses, but if you’re Big & Rich people seem to gravitate towards you. I’m just a small town prairie girl who wants to incorporate how I grew up and loves making high energy pop music about the things I’ve experienced since moving to such a big city.” – Novul

Novul, a pop artist with a larger-than-life personality, has released a new high-energy country single called “Big & Rich.” While we don’t normally dive into country-adjacent sounds on Modern Neon (mainly since it is the genre we are the least familiar with), we pride ourselves in finding tracks in every genre that we can completely vibe to.  The track pays homage to the iconic country band of the same name and blends influences from Novul’s small hometown and her current home of LA. Novul is known for her love of fashion, makeup, and dance, and her music celebrates life and self-expression. She grew up in a small town in Canada and moved to LA to pursue a career in music, embodying every creative person’s teenage desire of striking out and following your dream.

Make sure you check out “Big & Rish” on Spotify below!

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