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Dylan Dunn Shares Hazy Pop Single + Music Video “Seasick on the Ground”, New EP Out This Fall!

Regardless of your circumstances or upbringing, anyone can find the passion and spark to become a musician. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Seasick On The Ground”, the latest single from Dylan Dunn. Hailing from the ironically named Music City, Dunn was a donor baby raised by his hard-working single mom who was primed and ready to introduce Dunn to the world of music as soon as possible. While he was initially introduced to The Beatles, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, and various other classics early on, it wasn’t until his his audio engineer uncle bough Dunn a guitar for his ninth birthday, igniting that spark within him to strike out on the path of a musician. Throughout high school Dunn found himself performing in multiple bands and writing music, until he caught the eye of producer Adam Castilla. Through working with Castilla, Dunn released his debut EP Blue Like You and struck out on his professional music career. Now in the process of making his sophomore EP, we’re treated the latest taste from this second stage of his musical life.

“The sad nature of the lyrics intertwined with the upbeat melody work to create this dizzy feeling of disconnection, The combo pulls the whole thing together.” – Dylan Dunn

After spending so much damn time in the world of EDM and bass sound design, we need a palate cleanser. It looks like what we were looking for was already within reach, just a few clicks away to strip away any electronics and embrace the world of light hazy pop. “Seasick On The Ground” explores that feeling of pushing away old friends who have grown too big of an ego and pushing them away to the point where your thoughts and feelings no longer resonate with each other. Even thought the nature of the lyrics is sad and downtrodden, Dunn counterbalances the heavy nature of the track with upbeat and almost feel good melodies that not only mask but make the subject matter more digestible. “Seasick On The Ground” give us the impression that we are having an introspective experience on the coastline, where we can take apart our struggles piece by piece in a positive light.

Make sure you check out “Seasick On The Ground” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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