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Hello everybody! Glad to be back with our first movie club after a brief hiatus. Welcome to XOXO.



DIRECTED BY: Christopher Loiue

STARRING: Sarah Hyland, Graham Phillips, Brett DeBuono, Hayley Kiyoko, Colin Woodell, Ryan Hansen, Ione Skye, Chris D’Elia

GENRE: Drama, Music

YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: Netherlands

The lives of six strangers collide during a frenetic night of romance and dream chasing when a young DJ is given a chance to perform at a festival. An original film about electronic dance music from Netflix, XOXO is here to take you to a place Beyond Wonderland.

pete-tongAlright, it is yet another film about the modern EDM music scene. Is it as good as Under the Electric Sky? Definitely not. Even though I tried really hard, XOXO actually made me begin to hate the bro version of our P.L.U.R. lifestyle. Yes I know that it exists, as my many visits to festivals have made that clear. The more I watched it, the more I hated the culture that exists. It is a damn shame too, since I have been apart of this culture for so long. As for the film itself, the film is almost rendered un-watchable due to it’s over-handed message about the brutishness of the EDM scene.

xoxoWell before I bash on this too much, let’s see what we have to offer in terms of positive aspects of XOXO. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, but I would expect nothing less from the likes of Pete Tong. Visually, XOXO is rather stimulating. It actually wraps up the festival experience in a nice little bow, well an drug-induced bow that is. While their characters were incredibly limited and only a handful were even remotely two-dimensional, the cast handled themselves pretty damn well. Well it isn’t Under the Electric Sky, but it will have to do. See you again sometime down the road XOXO.


  • Pete Tong produced soundtrack.
  • Backed by Netflix.
  • Beautiful festival experience.
  • Mediocre cast performances.


  • P.L.U.R. bro life.
  • Modern day drug-induced experience.
  • Two-dimensional characters.

SCORE: 5.0 / 10

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