PLVTINUM Returns With New Chaotic Dark Pop Single “DIE4MYBITCH”

This latest generation of artists are going to make their voices heard one way or another. On our latest trip into the indie world we are checking out “DIE4MYBITCH”, the latest drop from PLVTINUM. Hailing out of New York, PLVTINUM is anything but your normal squeaky clean pop star. Determined to explore the darker sides of the human experience, PLVTINUM’s songs explore themes surrounding toxic relationships, sex, nihilism, ego, and party culture. PLVTINUM first broke out onto the scene back in 2016 with his viral mega-hit ” “Champagne & Sunshine,”, having consistently cultivated an audience ever since. Now with .3M Spotify monthly listeners, 86K Instagram followers, and 1B cumulative streams, it is pretty clear that PLVTINUM is far past the one-hit wonder status.

On one hand, my instinct to engage in possessive behavior can be destructive to my relationships, on the other, it can lead to elevated passion and loyalty. This song acts as a device for cathartic expression – instead of attempting to rationalize my more unsavory attributes, I lean into them.” – PLVTINUM

Sometimes you may just take your obsession/admiration for your current partner just a bit too far, and PLVTINUM is clearly no stranger to that level of admiration. “DIE4MYBITCH” is a violent exploration of those elevated feelings, which can either lean into extreme loyalty or borderline possessive and destructive behavior that can lead to the downfall of the relationship. While this is familiar territory for quite a few pop stars that we’ve covered on Modern Neon, PLVTINUM isn’t your average pop star. Weaving his intriguing blend of EDM, r&b, and dark pop, “DIE4MYBITCH” not only becomes a certified banger of a production but is further elevated with PLVTINUM’s self-awareness. The track’s witty and almost satirical lyrics push the song far passed being just another dark pop song into hitmaker territory.

Make sure you check out “DIE4MYBITCH” on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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