Sizzy Rocket Debuts New Tocker Directed Music Video For Single “Spill Your Guts”

Sizzy Rocket isn’t an artist that can beat around the bush, she makes it clear that she wants to get straight to the point.  This time around we are heading back to check on Sizzy Rocket, who just dropped a brand new music video for her track “Spill My Guts”. Officially debuting all the way back in 2016 with her first album ThrillsSizzy Rocket almost immediately found success with her viral lead single “Bestie”. Now with all of these viral credits under her belt, Sizzy Rocket created this persona of your cool best friend…we all have that one we will easily cause chaos with. Having developed a cult-like following over the years since Sizzy Rocket continues to feed and entertain the masses with projects like 2017’s Hot Summer mixtape and 2019 album GRRRL. When not working on her own projects, Sizzy writes songs for plenty of other girl pop artists and groups.

 “I came across something called Hanahaki Disease, where flowers grow in your organs when you experience unrequited love, and ultimately you throw them up,” Tocker writes. “I called Sizzy to explain: ‘I think in the video you’re masturbating, pining for someone, and in the end you cum flowers from your mouth.’ All she said was, ‘That’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me.’” – Tocker (Music Video Director)

Part of the reason a music video can be successful is if you have the same talent behind the camera. Sizzy Rocket recruited Tocker as her creative music video director, who has been involved in the production of all of her recent music videos. Stylistically we are starting to become familiar with the Tocker aesthetic, who is seriously spreading their wings within the Sizzy Rocket production. Tocker captures an interesting visual paradox throughout the video, daintily balancing between the overtly distorted nature of “spilling your guts” and the beauty the exists on the flip side. Your first viewing may leave you thinking, “What the hell did I just watch?”, but believe us, this Sizzy Rocket absurdity is definitely worth it.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Spill Your Guts” on YouTube below!

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