Indie Pop Star Cappa Drops Addictive New Single “Fatal”, Third Tease From Upcoming 2021 EP

The more we are teased with this upcoming EP, the more we are sucked into the Cappa web/fandom. On our first dive of the wekk into the indie world we are checking out “Fatal”, the third single from the talented Cappa.  Originally hailing out of Philadelphia, it wasn’t until Cappa launched herself to Nashville’s pop scene that she began to find a dose of recognition. Bursting onto the pop scene back in 2015 with her debut single “Hush”, Cappa quickly found her legs and continued to create her own vision of pop music for those who are willing to give a listen. Since her debut she has released two EPs, CAPPA and Queen of Hearts as well as a slew of singles over the years, each expanding her horizon as a musician. After moving to the city of angels a few years later, Cappa has now exploded her catalog with multiple features with talented producers and crafting her upcoming 2021 EP.

It was like a mini therapy session to channel these feelings into a song, I think ‘Fatal’ can be related to experiences we’ve all been through, whether in relationships or friendships.” – Cappa

When we started covering indie music back in late 2019 early 2020, we didn’t think we’d find an indie artist that we enjoy covering as much as Cappa. The third official tease for her upcoming EP, “Fatal” puts Cappa’s entire suite of skills on display for the masses, which makes this a solid introduction to the Cappa style. Alluring vocals? Check. Melancholy indie-pop sounds? Also check.  Lyrics where she is not afraid to express her true feelings? Triple check. While “Fatal” tells the familiar character arc of being in a relationship that never seems to be on solid ground, Cappa’s touch and semi-aggressive lyrics make the track a refreshing take on a too familiar trope. “Fatal” will be joining her previous releases “Colder” and “Contact High” on her upcoming EP later this year, so keep an eye out for when Cappa drops it in full!

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