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Kandle Releases “The Greatest Bond Film Never Made”, New Single “Lock and Load”

When you grow up in a community with strong idols for upcomers to look up to, the trickle-down effect will serve its purpose. On our latest trek into the indie world we have “Lock and Load”, the brand new single from the talented artist known as Kandle.  Growing up in British Columbia with her father Neil Osborne, Kandle was able to experience the music industry from a rather unique perspective. Determined to move against the fray, Kandle made it clear that she has no desire to create disposable ear candy. She has no plans to chase playlist placements, as she simply just wants to tell her story. Following in the path laid for her by strong female icons like Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Shirley Bassey, her true love of music will serve as her guide. Kandle has already snagged the attention of audiences and critics, snagging a “Video of the Year” JUNO nomination as well as a Prism Prize award for her track “Not Up To Me.”
“I already had most of the songs written when I asked Michael to produce the album, I wasn’t sure what my plan was, having just freed myself of all contracts. All I knew was that I needed to keep making music. We first met in the studio together in London (recording ‘Spell’ with legendary rock producer, Youth, who Michael engineers for) and became instant friends. I asked Michael if he wanted to try and write a Bond theme song and we wrote ‘Lock & Load’ in about 15 minutes sending voice notes back and forth, getting giddy and excited!” – Kandle

“The actual recording process was magical. We approached it with a very old-school 60s mindset, capturing the band in the room with plenty of spill and imperfection. Lots of first takes and not too many overdubs.” – Kandle (on recording process)

Kandle has been an interesting act to watch, as she keeps pushing herself to change up and elevate her style as her career grows. Inspired by her entire childhood watching James Bond films with her father Neil Osbourne, “Lock and Load” is Kandle’s first single off of her upcoming 2021 album. Kandle is in top form, killing every single note as she takes center stage with her brilliant vocal performance. For merely being inspired by the James Bond series, “Lock and Load” could and should be made an official James Bond opening. To be perfectly frank, while we enjoy Billy Eilish’s “No Time To Die”, we would easily push the track over a cliff if it would make room for “Lock and Load”  If we know anything now, it is that we need kandle’s new album ASAP and you know we will cover it when it finally drops next spring.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Lock and Load” on YouTube below!

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