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Emma Negrete Ushers in New Era With Pop-R&B Single & Video “Dreams & Dryspells”

When it is time to enter into a new era, you might as well jump in head first. On our latest peek into the indie scene we are checking out “Dreams & Dryspells”, the latest from Emma Negrete. An Iowa native hailing out of Des Moines, Negrete discovered her love for music and performance while practicing on stage at age 7. That curiosity and passion blossomed, leading Negrete to study opera in her teens and further pursue music by joining the jazz conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts.  Quickly finding her roots as a singer and developing her own style, Negrete created her own combination from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, to modern legends like Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill.

“‘Dreams & Dryspells’ plays on the double meaning of ‘Dryspells’ and the adrenaline of when someone you’ve been entangled with starts playing games and the communication runs dry…leaving you feeling like they’ve casted a spell on you,” – Emma Negrete

Chicana songwriter Emma Negrete has released her latest single and music video, “Dreams & Dryspells,” marking a pivotal moment in her career as she ventures into independent music production. In this pop-R&B track, Emma draws from her personal experiences, travels, mysticism, and astrology, creating a rich tapestry of self-expression. She shares her journey of survival while establishing herself as an artist and aims to inspire others who have faced shame related to their identities and the challenges of making ends meet. “Dreams & Dryspells” cleverly plays with the double meaning of ‘Dryspells,’ exploring the emotions that arise when a romantic entanglement turns emotionally arid, leaving one feeling ensnared by a spell. Emma’s music serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those on similar paths of self-discovery and resilience.

Make sure you check out “Dreams & Dryspells” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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Emma Negrete

Video Still by Naomi Christie

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