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Chloe Star Reveals New Single & Video “Straight Girls”, Growing Her Catalog Bit By Bit

Elements of your life can be as fluid as you want them to be, you just have to figure it out along the way. On our latest dice into the independent music scene we are checking out “Straight Girls”, the latest drop from Chloe Star. Finally taking the official plunge into the professional world of music, Chloe Star is an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate. Splitting her time between growing up in Los Angeles and her tribal reservation in San Bernadino, Chloe Star found solace in writing poetry in order to escape from her chaotic childhood. After spending the last few years honing her sound, Chloe Star is primed and ready to officially drop her debut single and get the ball rolling.

. “The song is about exploring my own sexuality. I don’t know what it is, but I always find myself dating quote on quote straight girls.” – Chloe Star

After a warm and almost explosive debut, artist Chloe Star is back with her second single, one that gives a bit more of a clearer picture of Chloe as an artist. With Sexuality and gender fluidity a main topic and core belief among gen Z, “Straight Girls” is an interesting introspective look at a rising artist who is exploring her own sexuality. As someone who struggled with his sexuality in the past, being able to express it through music is one of the most rewarding ways to say what you have to say. After spending the last few years trying to tighten her sound and establish her style, Chloe will be dropping her new EP featuring both “Element” and “Straight Girls” out later this year. This trap drums meets electro-pop combo is one that will find its home somewhere and we expect to hear more from Chloe Star very soon.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Straight Girls” on YouTube below and listen on all streaming platforms!

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