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YOUR ANGEL Reveals New Album, ‘A Star in the Headlights’, Indie-pop With Psy Flair.

While making your initial splash is your first biggest milestone, your sophomore effort is just as important. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out A Star in the Headlights, the latest drop from YOUR ANGEL  Created back in 2019 by LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer Maddy Boyd, YOUR ANGEL is her first solo project and a slew of different acts. Even though YOUR ANGEL debuted with her first album Pipe Dream in the same year, Maddy grew up in Santa Fe, NM and participated in a handful on indie rock groups trying to rise to the top in the local indie scene. After performing over 150 sold out shows with Current Joys and Surf Curse, Maddy decided to leave both bands and pursue a solo career in the world of glitz and glamour…thus YOUR ANGEL was born.

“‘A Star In The Headlights’ is about longing for something more and the journey to find it. The album explores the feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, jealousy and weakness that I felt while on this transformative path,” she says. “I drew inspiration from my childhood musical role models like Britney Spears, Dido, Portishead and Timbaland. I wanted to write songs that hit so close to home that they make you feel nostalgic, even though you’ve never heard them before.”- YOUR ANGEL

With all of the high-energy EDM or pop-punk singles that have been in our rotation as of late, we’re in need of a bit of a change of pace. We’re slowing things down and getting into our feels with YOUR ANGEL’s second album A Star in the Headlights.  Consisting of 11 tracks, A Star in the Headlights is an intriguing album all about the journey someone goes on while transforming themselves for the better or the worse. While the album and most of the singles at their core thrive in the world of indie-pop, YOUR ANGEL is all about creating beautiful soundscapes that the listener can lose themselves in. With a larger-than-life production on a lot of A Star in the Headlights’ tracks, YOUR ANGEL strikes an interesting balance between indie-pop and psy-rock that elevates the album evener further. There are much more to unpack from A Star in the Headlights, but we think it’s best if you absorb it on your own and take the journey yourself alongside YOUR ANGEL. 

Listen to A Star in the Headlights on Spotify below and all streaming platforms

Watch “STAR” music video: 

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