Peyton Shay Drops Infectious 2000’s Pop Single “Aftertaste”, Introducing 2022 to Her Sound

With many doors open for young and emerging artists, we are continuing to see more and more artists finding success at a young age. On our latest peek into the indie-pop world we are checking out “Aftertaste”, the latest single from artist Peyton Shay. Hailing from Los Angeles, Shay is in the echelon of the youngest artists to chart on the Billboard Hot 100! At a mere 18 years old, Shay debuted on the charts at #18 in the United States and #7 in the United Kingdom, showing that raw talent pushes past age. Using the momentum this early on in her career, Shay embarked on an international tour and spent any remaining time in the study, polishing up her sound. Not even taking a beat, Shay enticed listeners further with her debut EP in 2021, feeding her continuously growing fanbase. Shay plans to take 2022 by the horns and release even more singles throughout the year, so keep a close eye on the Peyton Shay camp.

“I am so insanely excited that ‘Aftertaste’ is finally out. After recording this song, I really felt like this was the beginning of authentically leaning into my sound and creative endeavors. It led me to a moment of finding who I truly am and realizing the message I want to share with the world.” – Peyton Shay

Alright, we hate/love to say this, but we may have just found the earworm of the month. When we started research into Shay’s background and career so far, we thought we had a pretty clear idea of what we were getting into musicaly-wise. However, Shay stands out from the crowd with her overwhelming level of confidence that exudes from her as a person and throughout each one of her tracks. While “Aftertaste” may explore familiar territory like the lingering feelings after ending a lengthy relationship, Shay’s confident approach to the subject makes us feel like we are looking at the subject again through a different lens.   With “Aftertaste” being Shay’s latest 2022 addition to her catalog, we are definitely keeping an eye on Shay as she builds out her discography moving forward.

Make sure you check out “Aftertaste” on YouTube below!

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Peyton Shay

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Photo by Beth Saravo

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