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Jackal Returns After a Year Long Break, Glitch Fusion Single “I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful”

Is It a Jackal? Damn right it is a Jackal! On our latest peek into the electronic dance music pool we are checking out “I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful”, the latest single from Jackal. Jackal has always been an artist that does not want to be trapped in a box but will continuously push those boundaries as far as he can. Jackal forced his way onto the scene back in 2013 with “Shakedown”, which served as a showcase for his low BPM yet heavy bass style. However, all of that has changed as Jackal has transformed as an artist. Jackal even caught the attention of acclaimed bass producer RL Grime, who invited Jackal to join their label to further expand his career as an artist. Since then Jackal has released singles on labels as OWSLAMad DecentBuygoreLowly Palace, and more, with “I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful” being a triumphant return for the producer.

I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful‘ comes from a bitter place. For weeks and weeks, I was pissed off at the world and feeling vengeful. Over the course of this time, I aimed to make something that sounded like the end of everything. I told Roniit my thoughts and the title that I had in mind, and she worked around that. I really like how her voice brought a certain numbness to the track, which works really well with the production.” – Jackal

While we’ve been over here thriving on the lighter side of EDM or losing ourselves in the underground clubs, we’ve been urging for our next hit of the glitch. “I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful” is a complete return to form for Jackal, as all throughout the track he lets his signature glitch-hop sound run wild and contort itself to fit within the confines of his creation. After being MIA for over a year, this latest single is an intriguing amalgamation of midtempo, glitch, and trap elements that fight each other for control within the track. However, this fighting for supremacy fits within the track’s theme of “destroying something beautiful”, thus adding another injection of chaos into this glitchy single. While we don’t hope Jackal disappears for another year to make another single like this, but we do have to admit that the wait was well worth it.

Make sure you check out “I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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