Australian Producer Ren Zukii Stuns Wakaan & Audiences With New Experimental Debut EP “Monarch”

Once you truly embrace the boundless limitations that you have while producing bass music, you won’t ever want to go back to producing anything else.  On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Monarch, the debut EP from Ren Zukii. Crafted by 26 years old West Australian producer Rene Snow, Zukii is the culmination of a lifelong love for electronic music. The genre originally caught her attention when she was a mere 12 years old, with her first dive being into the world of drum & bass. The love started to blossom a few years later, when Rene learned how to DJ once she turned 18. In an effort to continue pursuing this path, at age 21 she enrolled at the SAE Institute to learn more about audio production and to hone her growing skillset. Now producing as Ren Zukii, Rene created a unique sound within the world of experimental bass to catch Wakaan’s attention, thus launching the next stage in her professional career.

The ‘Monarch’ EP is a culmination of 6 years of my journey in music. I realized I could never really just write one style of music so I set off to combine everything I love about the experimental bass music scene. A lot of the inspiration for this EP came from listening to a lot of Metal and watching Quentin Tarantino movies. It’s chaotic, emotional and visceral and is the first of many to come.” – Ren Zukii

When you haven’t even made you first initial major project and you catch the attention of a label like the likes of Wakaan, you know you have an interesting sound that is almost guaranteed to catch the attention of the masses. With Monarch being ours, as well as the rest of you, first impression of Zukii’s style, we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Wakaan features a wide range of artists in the bass music sphere, many of them truly taking advantage of the genre’s experimental nature. While Monarch as a whole stretches across the niches the pique Zukii’s interest, the EP’s opening single “Deadman” is easily the standout for us. Blending the likes of minimal bass, grime, liquid, and even a dose of funk, this track sets the stage for the other three to find their home and slot right in. If you love yourself a sliver of experimental bass, Monarch is definitely worth sinking your teeth into.

Make sure you check out Monarch on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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