SF-Based Producer Ravenscoon Invites Listens to “Revolve” From Quarantine In New Bass Music EP!

One of the most rewarding things about being a musical artist in today’s day in age is that if you want to tweak your sound for an EP, who the hell is stopping you? On our latest visit over to¬†…

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Sharlitz web Joins WAKAAN For Tantalizing New Atmospheric Bass EP “Spider Cider”

The bass witch is back in full force, ready to tangle you up in her web. During our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out Spider Cider, the latest EP drop from bass vixen sharlitz web. Fueled …

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Liquid Stranger Releases Single “Hotbox” From Upcoming EP “Weird and Wonderful”


Alright, we are familiar with quite a few different “strangers” here at Media in Review, so let’s add another to the list! Liquid Stranger is one producer who can’t be held down by the rules of genre, as he constantly …

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