Authentic Producer Grant Drops New Chill & Experimental "Wishes" EP on Monstercat

As everyone knows, you can’t be a one-dimensional artist to achieve any success in this business. One of our final stops on this journey is with Monstercat for the brand new Wishes EP by producer Grant. Not hiding behind the facade of a stage name, Grant is an artist that prides himself on his authenticity as a musician. Grant is an explorer of musical genres, dabbling in alt-pop, chill bass, and electronica to craft his own music that won’t fit in any specific box. An artistic coming of age story of sophistication and authenticity, Grant will sure as hell surprise you with his approachable style.

If you have been looking for a brand new EP that will match with any vibe and moment that needs to be filled with music. Grant’s meticulous production skill and chameleonic nature allow Grant to blend between genres on each track, while at the same time flowing in between each other with ease. While we are already addicted to the dreamy and vocal-driven title track “Wishes”, but the experimental opener that is “Contagious” serves its purpose and hooks us right out of the gate. With so much adrenaline pumping high-octane house music that comes through our mailbox, a fresh serving of chill music with good vibes is exactly what was needed.

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