Half An Orange Teases New "Mostly We Grow Pt 2" EP With the Emotive "Sunscreen"

While our summertime fun may be waning down and eyeing a route out the door, we need to make do with all we have left. Taking a beat out from our overly hectic weekday schedule we are bouncing over to Monstercat for “Sunscreen” a brand new single off of the upcoming Mostly We Grow Pt 2 EP from Half an Orange. Founded by artists Andrew Spellman and Michael Maloof, the name for the project came from a Portuguese saying Maloof learned while living on the beach for over a year.

Everyone is only half of something, constantly lost but looking for their other half whether it be a person, thing, or purpose. These electric astronauts have started to gain plenty of traction after their initial Mostly We Grow EP, as well as through their unique music videos. Each one of the music videos is written, edited, and animated by Half an Orange, who has reaped in a number of new media awards for their work.

Our summer may be already progressing into a very hot Autumn, tracks like this are determined to keep the sunshine fun while it lasts. “Sunscreen” is a solid example of Half an Orange’s hybrid style and message of wandering lost while looking for your other half. While Half an Orange’s fusion of the electronic and instrumental genres is soft, calming, and soothing, it wouldn’t have the same impact without their raw vocals, Half an Orange expands on their style with emotive vocals that elevate their overall sound by 125%. We can’t wait to hear the rest of Mostly We Grow Pt 2 EP and make sure you check out their music videos here.

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