Upcoming Dream Pop Singer Faun Flora Releases Artistic Synth-Pop Single “See You At The Funeral”

With synth-pop finding new life in the indie world, many artists are changing their formula to stand out in the quickly saturating market. On our latest peek into the synth-pop world we are checking out “See You At The Funeral”, the newest single from Faun Flora. Officially stepping onto the scene all the way back in 2014, Faun Flora has been taking some time carving out her own niche on the artistic side of synth-pop. Spending the first few years of her career tweaking her sound and finding just the exact approach she wanted to take, it wasn’t until 2018 when she released “’95” that she included electronics as staple instrumentals in her arsenal. The inclusions of these synthesizers transformed Faun Flora’s formula, making them more grandiose and fuller in scope. In 2020, Faun Flora gained the attention of tastemakers with her debut EP In A Daze, By My Lonesome, launching her into the next stage of growing a professional music career as an indie artist.

Written in July 2020 and recorded in June 2021, “See You At The Funeral” details the relationship between the listener and a loved one who they value dearly. The lyrics focus on death as a theme but with the bridge reinstating any love and relationship you experience exists beyond any life and dimension. The song shows more of an intimate side of my production, differing from the pop-based sound from the first EP “In a Daze, by My Lonesome”- Faun Flora

While the synth-pop market is quickly becoming over-saturated, you can break away from the path like Faun Flora by putting a little artistic spin on your musical style. This approach stands out in her latest single, “See You At The Funeral”, where she blends an indie songwriter sound with hazy electronics all disguised by the concept of death and relationships. While at her core she still has a more singer-songwriter vibe to her music, Faun Flora inclusion of synthesizers fills up the excess noise and provides another layer of depth to her production while at the same time putting added focus on the single’s other central facets. For example, Faun Flora flips the script in terms of songwriting, choosing not to focus on overwhelming sadness but to treat death and funerals as a rite of passage, almost like the final stage in any relationship. While it might be grim, it still masks itself in Faun Flora’s artistic vision and we can’t help but applaud.

Make sure you check out “See You At The Funeral” on YouTube below!

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