Martin Garrix & Maejor’s AREA21 Release Uplifting Future Bass Single “Lovin’ Every Minute”

Sometimes when you need to pursue a different avenue, you just have to become an alien and travel the universe. On our latest visit over to Hollywood Records we are checking out “Lovin’ Every Minute” from AREA21. With so many enigmatic/alien projects coming into the mainstream, it was only a matter of time that superstars like these join the fray. Originally created by Martin Garrix and Maejor, AREA21 is a new project that allows Garrix and Maejor to take on alien personas and have crashed landed in the Nevada desert. Now stranded on Earth, AREA21 decides to document their adventures on this pale blue dot through their own version of our modern electronic music. The project began releasing new music starting back in April of 2021, and their adventures are simply becoming more and more chaotic. Will you accept these ETs onto our pale blue dot? If these are the adventures we are to expect, then we will gladly accept them with open arms.

“With your energy and spirit, you can change someone’s mood just by how you treat them” – AREA21

While we don’t often cover his music here on Modern Neon, we personally are fans of Martin Garrix and have been following him in our off time for a handful of years. It blows us away that we missed the creation of AREA21, so we had to fix this now. The latest in a slew of singles since April, “Lovin’ Every Minute” explores the idea of being present in the moment and loving the smaller experiences in life from an alien point of view. Musically the track contains all of the elements of a traditional Garrix single, but with an injection of uplifting progressive house and future bass to enhance the experience. Along with the single AREA21 released an entertaining music video animated by Titmouse known for their work on shows like “Big Mouth,” Marvel’s animated “Black Panther,” and “Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures.” Now with plenty of singles under their belt, AREA21 are full speed ahead on their full debut album and you know we will cover it when it drops in full later this fall.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Lovin’ Every Minute” on YouTube below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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