Multi-Instrumentalist Cassie Marin Release New Indie-Electronica Single “Busy Body”, Digital Pop…

We think these artists have found a loophole in our screening, as these multi-instrumentalists keep popping into our inbox. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Busy Body”, the latest single from Cassie Marin. Hailing from the ever bright city in the sun of Miami, Marin actually didn’t have dreams early on of being a musician. Originally focused on being a gymnast, Marin wanted to become an Olympian athlete and stepped onto that career path as soon as she could. However, after having those dreams dashed after a serious injury at age 13, Marin discovered her love for music. Teaching herself how to produce and write songs from the ground up, Marin pivoted her dedication to being an Olympian into creating the exact kind of music that she had rattling around in her head.

With so many genres at her fingertips, Marin has carefully crafted an otherwordly yet alluring variant on electropop/bedroom pop music. Marin is quickly discovering that each single needs to be an intricate flower and stand out from the rest, striving to not fall into the formulaic nature of pop music. The latest addition to the Cassie Marin catalog, “Busy Body” is a dreamy indie-electronica number that not only highlights her vocal performance but her multi-layered production skills. Marin’s vocals are dreamy and enticing, almost as if the rest of the track is silky smooth just to be complimentary. While “Busy Body” may appear a certain way on initial listen, Marin uses the track as an opportunity to allow listeners to look back at their own relationships with technology in this era of social surveillance…didn’t expect that from an indie-pop song did you?

Make sure you check out “Busy Body” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming service!

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