Atlanta Atmospheric Rockers Edelwood Make Official Debut, New EP “Who You Are, Who You Were”

The more you peel back the layers of the alternative rock scene, the more interesting acts will pique your interest in between the seams. On our latest peek into the alternative scene we are heading down south for Who You Are, Who You Were, the debut EP of Edelwood. Kickstarting their career back in 2018, Edelwood is a five-piece atmospheric rock band that has been making itself known in the Atlanta music scene. The band has been eagerly making themselves a major force to reckon with on their local scene, gaining recognition for their energetic live shows at notable Atlanta venues such as The Masquerade and Smith’s Old Bar. Edelwood actually scored plenty of buzz as a prominent local opening act for much larger projects, including The Spill Canvas back in 2019.  While we haven’t considered Atlanta as a hotbed for the alternative rock scene, Edelwood has us questioning that notion and changing our mindset moving forward. Thanks, Edelwood, now we have a whole new market to keep under a microscope.

While Edelwood has been actively performing together since 2018, it has taken a couple of years to finally take some necessary time in the studio and go full throttle on their official debut. Spending plenty of time in the studio and in live performances adjusting and tweaking their sound, Edelwood created Who You Are, Who You Were as their official welcome to the big leagues and we were genuinely surprised at how impressed we were. Consisting of three offerings to the masses, each track shows a rather distinct facet of Edelwood and their sound, showcasing their range as alt-rockers. While both “It’s Alright” and “Otherside” capture the band’s alternative face with a layer of pop-rock paint, “Not You Anymore” is our personal favorite. This track allows Edelwood’s sound to breathe, become full, and thrive, putting the band’s core atmospheric rock aesthetic on full display. We’d say Edelwood’s official debut is definitely one that you shouldn’t pass by and worth keeping an eye on them with their future endeavors.

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