Pierce Reinvents Himself For His Second Stage With New Freeform Bass “Pulse” EP

With dubstep riding another wave of resurgence, another artist from our early days has come back into the fold. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Pulse, the latest EP from PIERCE. After bursting onto the scene after graduating in 2015, PIERCE received training and feedback from many powerhouses in the modern music industry. With a few major releases already under his belt, including one with Spinnin’ Records and the other with Bassrush Records, Will he be able to combine his storytelling elements with dubstep? While it has been quite some time since PIERCE made his way back to the Modern Neon stage and we’re glad that he is back in full force for the next EP to break our calm music session. If you want to catch PIERCE live, he has multiple performances booked in Texas, Washington, and Canada!

This EP has a deeper meaning to me. It signifies a new chapter in my life; my “rebirth” as an artist and my growth as a person. While creating these songs, I made sure to stay true to myself. I didn’t want the opinion of others altering my creative process and I wanted to rise above the negativity that was surrounding me. I have always used music as an outlet for self-expression and I hope people will resonate with these tracks.” –PIERCE

While we may have been introduced to PIERCE many moons ago, artists like he go through stages in their career where they are reborn as entirely new artists. PIERCE says so himself, as he considers Pulse as the next stage of his evolution as an artist and producer, and we’re not hesitant to agree. While we originally knew PIERCE as an in-your-face dubstep lord, Pulse allows listeners like us to come back and see an entirely different facet of the PIERCE we used to know. Over the course of three tracks, PIERCE showcases his enhanced level of sound design as he flows in and out of freeform bass, experimental bass,  and traditional trap stylings to create a different experience for today’s PIERCE. If you are a fan of freeform bass music, Pulse is an interesting EP to dive into and see just how far an artist can tweak his formula.

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