Psych Rock Band TEKE::TEKE Release 2nd Single “Yoru Ni”, Surf Rock + Japanese Shamanism

Once you embrace the madness, you definitely can’t let go and you have to just enjoy the ride.  On a second visit into the world of Japanese psych-rock, we are checking out “Yoru Ni”, another new single from the band TEKE::TEKE. Originally formed as a tribute band for the legendary Takeshi Terauchi, TEKE::TEKE discovered their chemistry and quickly chucked their original cover sets out the window and adapted to a new sound. Based out of Montreal, TEKE::TEKE combines elements of traditional Japanese ballads with Brazillian psychedelic rock and punk music to make an original sound that only TEKE::TEKE could craft. Consistently fighting against genre norms and expanding their boundaries as musicians, TEKE::TEKE has created a magically terrifying musical universe that deserves the grow and envelop the world. Let the chaos ensue. “Meikyu” is the latest single off their upcoming debut album Shirushi, which will be dropping in full on May 7th. However, TEKE::TEKE will be performing in a slot during this year’s SXSW Online festival on March 16-20.

‘Yoru Ni’ (which translates from Japanese to ‘At night’) was literally written in the middle of the night. I woke up suddenly and had this melody in my head, as if it had come to me from another world. It really felt like I was following some kind of spirit or ghost, it was taking my hand and wanted to take me somewhere.” – (Guitarist) Serge Nakauchi-Pelletier

Running high off of last month’s “Meikyu”, TEKE::TEKE is back with yet another dose of madness for those willing to dabble. This latest single, “Yoru Ni” is a unique standout from the TEKE::TEKE catalog so far. While the track still features the essential TEKE::TEKE experience that we were treated to in “Meikyu”, this newest single shows fresh listeners that TEKE::TEKE can easily hit every level of psychedelic rock without pulling back. Blending the band’s hard-hitting guitar licks and sounds found in Japanese shamanism, “Yoru Ni” creatures a unique style that we still can’t wrap our brains around…even though we absolutely enjoy it. Vocalist and visual artist Maya Kuroki’s lyrics add another layer of complexity to the track, detailing a spiritual tale of giving up a worthless pursuit in a blend of Japanese and French language. The track may be jarring on your first listen, but that just means you just need to join the TEKE::TEKE fanbase. Make sure you catch TEKE::TEKE’s performance at the BrooklynVegan & M for Montreal showcase during SXSW later this week!

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Credit: Andy Jon

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