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Alan Walker Releases Mesmerizing and Meaningful Single “Hero,” In Collaboration with Sasha Alex Sloan

When you have a mainstay producer like today’s visitor, you know you have to stop and listen when they change up the formula. On our initial visit to MER Recordings we are checking out “Hero”, the latest drop from Alan Walker. Alan Walker, a 25-year-old Norwegian producer and DJ, has a massive following on social media with over 115 million followers and billions of streams and views on his music. He gained fame with his debut hit single “Faded,” and has since collaborated with many artists and released a chart-topping album called “Different World.” Alan has played over 700 headlining shows and festivals to date and released his third album, “Walkerverse Pt. I & II,” in 2022.

I’ve been looking forward to releasing this song called ‘Hero‘ for a long time. It’s also been a pleasure working with Sasha Alex Sloan and her incredible voice. This track is about celebrating the very dear people we see as heroes. Recognizing the work they’ve put in to make this world brighter and more resilient. I hope ‘Hero‘ inspires our listeners to embrace their inner hero, live openly and love deeply.” – Alan Walker

I was so excited when Alan asked me to sing on this track. I’ve been a fan of his since faded and I’m stoked for our song to be out in the world.” – Sasha Alex Sloan

Alan Walker, the Norwegian-British DJ and producer, has teamed up with American singer-songwriter Sasha Alex Sloan to release a new single called “Hero.” The track features Alan’s signature cinematic melodies and undulating basslines coupled with Sloan’s incredible vocal performance, creating a hauntingly beautiful song that pays tribute to everyday heroes. The lyrics celebrate those unsung heroes in our lives who make our days brighter and more fulfilling. “Hero” marks a new direction for Alan, who is best known for his high-energy electronic dance music tracks. This new release showcases a softer, more emotive side of the artist, which is a pleasant surprise for fans. The track is likely to be a hit at music festivals this summer, where Alan’s sets are known to create goosebump-inducing moments for fans.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Hero” on YouTube below or the track over on Spotify!

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