wordsbyjuni Is Here for the Chill Vibe in “How It Is” and You Should Be Too.


Even though the music world is often a very welcoming place, there are those that are stuck up “artists of their craft”. Today’s artist is far from being stuck up and pretentious, actually being one of the most chill artists active in the scene. This week we are checking out “How It Is”, the latest single from wordsbyjuni. Born in Britain but declaring Toronto has his musical home, wordsbyjuni explored many different styles of music courtesy of “his white friends” growing up. Always being able to tell a story, wordsbyjuni quickly fell into an interesting blend of hip-hop and alternative that influences his sound still today. wordsbyjuni’s ability to spin yarn is above the rest of the game, even if he makes poppy love songs that are just simply chill and fun. Even though he runs solo most of these days, wordsbyjuni is often found within a side project to let the creative juices flow. This allows him to contribute with multiple other producers and even having his music used in Comedy Central’s Broad City. 

I don’t think we’ve gotten the point across about just how chill wordsbyjuni is. Simply just shoot him a DM and find out for yourself. His latest single in this madness that is 2020, “How It Is” appears as a simple chill hip hop track yet, but is actually quite an example of the wordsbyjuni 2020 mindset.  Telling the story of how his mother caught him smoking weed in his shower, “How It Is” is a song that is purely here just for the vibe. With catchy lyrics and a chill bass beat, “How It Is” is a solid choice to just put on in the background and sway to the beat and forget about your struggles…even if just for 2 and half minutes. We can’t wait to see what wordsbyjuni is up to for the rest of 2020, even if we is busy learning how to produce and how to Tik-Tok. We’ll see you on the other side.

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