Western Guitarist Jordan Rome Drops Hauntingly Atmospheric “Charon”, A New Appreciation For Country Music

We feel like we say this every single week, but we are genuinely intrigued by how fantastical musical talent can emerge out of nothing. This week we are taking a step down the dark country road with “Charon”, the most recent single from guitarist Jordan Rome. Growing up on the outskirts of Kansas, Jordan Rome essentially grew musical talent out of uneven soil. Far away from any music or social circles, Jordan weighed and measured the current genres of music and found himself longing for the middle. A talented and quick learner, Jordan excelled on the guitar and earned himself a position with the Midwest band Impregnators for the next sixteen years.

While busy with his position within the Impregnators, Jordan continued to develop his own sound in between the lines. Combining elements from country, western folk, and blues, Jordan molded his style into one of cinematic wonder. Making his solo debut back in early 2018, Jordan dropped his self-entitled album to initial buzz and followed up with his 7 Songs For the Soulless EP a year later. His most recent drop happens to be a digital 7″ consisting of two deep tracks, showcasing just how far he has come as a solo musician.

“I don’t put a lot of thought into how it will be received. If I see value in it, I did my best and then I’m satisfied.” = Jordan Rome

One of the elements that we put under a microscope when we listen to a new track is the atmospheric tones. Sure your beats or guitar work can be impressive, but what kind of image and scene are you creating? From the hauntingly beautiful intro to the rough yet defined vocal performance, Jordan Rome has hit money with “Charon”. Telling the story of the Greek mythological ferry of the dead, “Charon” will easily top our Illumination Station rotation for the foreseeable future. To put it bluntly, country is our least favorite genre so if you can win us over, you’re obviously on the right track. By the way, how is this album cover not for a heavy power metal group? We need the contact info for your cover artist Jordan Rome. 

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