MAN ON MAN Showcase Their Heavier Side Through New Single “Stohner”

Just because your music is in the realm of queer doesn’t mean it needs to be pop. On another dive into the indie pool we are checking out “Stohner”, the latest single from MAN ON MAN. Bursting fresh onto the scene back in 2020 with their acclaimed hit “Daddy” and “Baby, You’re My Everything”, MAN ON MAN are quickly becoming leaders on the forefront of this latest evolution of queer music. M.O.M has already made waves in the digital space, having the music video for their debut single “Daddy” being removed on YouTube for violating their “Sex and Nudity” policy. However, none of these elements existed, so YouTube publically apologized and shined a spotlight on their identities as queer artists. M.O.M will not be silenced and will keep elevating what we know as modern gay music.

“We wrote ‘Stohner’ as a way to shake off the dust of paranoia from the first stages of quarantine,We aimed to make something bold and performative, giving our listeners a world that’s familiar while showcasing new sounds and visuals. ‘Stohner’ is a reckoning; it’s an exit from isolation into togetherness. As we continue to tell the story of queer love and tenderness, it was important for us to showcase our affection in new and exciting ways. With our video, we answered the question we often ask ourselves as artists: How do we show people something they’ve never seen before?”

While M.O.M may have just popped up on our radar last month, their approach to music is unique and keeps us coming back to see what they do next. While we were introduced to M.O.M through they hyper-gay anthem “1983“, this time we see these men exploring another realm of rock to further expand their sound. “Stohner” allows M.O.M to introduce listeners to their slower, yet heavier guitar work that embraces the right amount of distortion that doesn’t overshadow the rest of the track. While “Stohner” does showcase the duo’s talent as musicians, there are still plenty of layers to pull back and explore their lighter side through heartfelt lyrics. If you need more MAN ON MAN, make sure you check out their debut LP that will drop May 7th.

Make sure you check out “Stohner” on YouTube below!

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