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Howwler and LSDREAM Take Us On a Metaphysical Adventure in "Pillars of Light"

Every time you come by Howwler, we have to prepare ourselves. This week we were given a special treat…just a taste of dark electronica. This time we are treated with “Pillars of Light”, Howwler’s latest release after his two track EP Chapter Two.  A mystery to most of the community, Howwler has been recently discovered by the well-known Paradigm Talent Agency who hope to take the industry by storm with his style. While Howwler may be hiding in the shadows, for now, his work is already hitting comparisons with the great Gesaffelstein during his “Pursuit”.
Upon first listen, the easiest way we can describe this track is nothing but ominous. “Pillars of Light”‘s opening chills us straight to the bone, yet feels welcoming. The unnamed narrator invites us to join the next level of human(?) existence and to prepare ourselves for a metaphysical journey. Howwler clearly showcases his Gesaffelstein influence, as the track borrows a few of its stylized drops and beats. However, we shouldn’t expect anything else from this enigmatic artist. When are we going to see “Pillars of Light” in our next AAA space adventure? We demand it.
Make sure you check out “Pillars of Light” here:

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