Queer Artist Pat Reilly Drops Debut Prince of the Night EP, Crushing 2020’s Struggles

When you finally accept yourself and embrace your identity as an artist, that moment is when your real self shines through your work. Pat Reilly is back in our inbox with his brand new EP, Prince of the Night and we couldn’t be more excited. A true creative force any way you look at it, Pat Reilly is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, and overall performer that embraces his identity in any form. Incorporating his queer nature into his performances allows Reilly to explore heavy concepts of identity, sexuality, and sensitivity. Reilly weaves these conversations through the lens of funky R&B and modern pop electronica.

 “I’m taking my personal journey and smashing it against a darker side of me. I’ve lived in a much more colorful place in the past because I had enough distraction to keep me there. ‘Prince of the Night’ is a release from all the pain I’ve been holding onto, that I wasn’t even conscious of prior, because I could distract myself with work, people, strangers, and my ambition. – Pat Reilly

Written and mixed during this chaotic chapter in human history, Prince of the Night is a collection of Pat Reilly’s thoughts and feelings throughout this period of social isolation. Marking Reilly’s first debut EP on the airwaves, Prince of the Night features three brand new tracks as well as his two previously released singles “Act of Love” and “Adamantine“. While we first experienced a more modern RnB sound from his previously released singles, audiences are treated to a different side of Reilly as they explore the EP. Pat Reilly embraces a darker more electro-pop sound throughout the three new tracks as he uses Prince of the Night to analyze the many relationships in his life. The EP’s artwork is an ode to superheroes Reilly admires, believing he has become his own superhero for pushing through this year’s struggles.

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