Dive Head First Into Dark-Pop With Pallas Athene’s New EP and Go “Through Hell”

While we thrive in the world of dance, hardcore, and progressive, we occasionally take a step into the world of alt-pop. Today we have a brand new self-titled EP from a brand new project known as Pallas Athene. Created by musician Breanna Johnston, Athene was created during a hiatus from rock and folk music after a hand injury. While she had to take a break from playing guitar, she found her love for electronic music. With over ten years of rock music under her belt, how was she going to adapt?

As 2016 rolled around, Athene finally dropped her first electric single “What I Want”, which actually was picked up by FatCat Records UK as a demo. While this move eventually snagged a vinyl release in July 2019, it moved Athene back onto the stage for her self-titled EP.

“Making this record on my own was a super dark and liberating process for me. I had to learn music production from the ground up, so this EP ended up taking me almost three years to complete. Because of my struggles with anxiety, sensory-processing and technological overwhelm, it felt natural to explore the themes of man vs machine and the dissolution of Self within these songs. This EP is a direct reflection of my feelings of isolation and restriction in both the physical and digital world. – Breanna Johnston

While we don’t normally find ourselves lost in the alt-pop world, we love it when we do. After checking out “Through Hell” the second single from the EP, we can say that we are hooked…we have fallen for the dark pop. Taking on the idea of man vs machine, Athene dramatically chills the atmosphere with her ethereal vocal performance. It’s soft yet dark, melding with the minimalist atmospheric tones to create a surreal moment in time for introspection. If anything, this EP is clearly giving us a taste of Athene’s new style. Introspection, isolation, rehabilitation.

Make sure you check out “Through Hell” on Soundcloud below or the entire EP here!

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