Tchami and Valentino Khan Meld With New Remix of “Rainforest” on Confession

If our next producer decides to take your track into the editing lab, you know he will turn it into his own chaotic piece. Stepping on over to Tchami’s own Confession label we have a brand new Valentino Khan remix of Tchami’s “Rainforest”. Bursting onto the scene in 2014, Khan received almost immediate success with his first “In Khan We Trust” EP after being released on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Khan quickly entranced listeners with his blend of hardstyle, trap, and heavy house that even led to his original track “Deep Down Low” being one of the most played track in 2015. While four years have passed, Khan has easily honed his skills as a remix master and we can’t see what he does next

Tchami has definitely had an amazingly successful and busy year, absolutely slaying 2019. With three monumental tours across North America and on the global scale, Tchami is building is empire one piece at a time. Tchami has even launched a successful SiriusXM radio show called REVELATIONS, simply just adding another brick to Tchami’s foundation. As Confession becomes even more recognized as an international hotbed of talent, Tchami’s reach will increase even further.

While Tchami’s original version of “Rainforest” was met with plenty of success and acclaim, we have no doubt that this first official remix will succeed. Officially crafted by industry favorite Valentino Khan, this remix takes the original “Rainforest” atmospheric elements and enhances them to reach Khan’s level. Khan does take a few liberties with this mix, boosting the bass to increase energy and adding plenty of his signature bounce to match. This track’s vibes will pump you up and force your body onto the dance floor to match.

Make sure you check out Valentino Khan’s “Rainforest” remix on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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Valentino Khan

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