Nicky Romero Returns to Dark House Monocule Side Project for “Monocule Volume 2”!

We may have already been teased enough by this yearly project, but now that it is here…how does it fare for round 2? On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out Monocule (Volume 2) from Monocule/Nicky Romero.  Romero is one of the modern producers to change and mold today’s electronic music scene how he sees fit. Not only has he founded one of the most prolific modern electronic music movements, but he is also constantly on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list year after year and has attributed heavily to the global spread of electronic music. Romero continues to surprise us, even dropping a mini-doc series back in 2019 and multiple successful releases now that he’s back on the wagon. Hell, he even put on one hell of a performance at the London opening of the Call of Duty League eSports tournament!

Constantly trying to explore new avenues of electronic music, through the Monocule moniker Romero adds more skills to his arsenal while expanding Protocol’s reach. Initially teased with Monocule Volume 2 back in March with the supporting single “You Don’t Know”, fans and musical explorers are treated to two more new songs that slot perfectly into the darker Monocule style. Simply overflowing with the amount of groove that Monocule brings to the table, both of these two new tracks are perfect for dancing and getting lost in the music even just for a moment.  The EP’s opening track “Find You” stays closer to the progressive house style we are all too familiar with, yet elevates the groove and allows its dreamy melodies to take the reins. Monocule switches gears in “Silence” tapping both producer DØBER and singer/songwriter Bertie Scott to add to the mix, creating a “late-night drive” song that is a must-listen for house music fans. We may rarely receive this Monocule volumes, but each time it gives us a dose of dark house until the next one.

Make sure you check out Monocule Volume 2 on Spotify below!

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