Indie-Pop Singer Songwriter BENTLE Reveals New Single “Sideshow”, Inviting the Listener to His Hypnotic Pop World

If you are a fan of indie-pop music and aren’t keeping a close eye on the burgeoning scene in NYC, you’re missing out. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Sideshow”, the latest drop from BENTLE. Created by Australian-born but New York City-based artist Josh McVey, BENTLE is a growing indie-pop singer-songwriter who is primed and ready for the next milestone in his career…a debut EP. Prepping the masses for his professional debut with a slew of singles over the last two years, BENTLE picked up steam this year with their previous single “Darkest Blue”. With creating hypnotic world of introspection via pop music as a core concept, BENTLE has been rising through the ranks of the indie-pop world…and it is only a matter time until they truly explode and soar through the glass cieling.

It’s about fractured communication, the blurry lines between inevitability and control, and the romance of the situation that smothers the true feeling, = BENTLE

While we’ve personally dabbled in and out of the indie-pop world for quite some time now, New York has been a constant stream of new rising artists that can pull us back in. Today’s artist BENTLE caught us all up in our feelings, with his latest single “Sideshow” resonating with us more than we thought. Telling the story of two people in a relationship drifting apart, “Sideshow” invites the listener to put down their guard and open up to the possibility that they’ve treaded through this familiar territory before. For an artist who writes and produces his own music, BENTLE is easily a prime example of what we expect from an indie-pop artist in today’s day in age. Using the glowing indie production as a vehicle, BENTLE is able to let the coldest of hearts feel warmth once in a while, and we will gladly revisit this world any time we’re called upon.

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