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British Producer’s Producer Duo Duke & Jones Release Eclectic, Minimalistic House Single “Program”

There are moments when the stars align and you have a clear path of where to take your life…today’s duo found it early. On our latest look and the electronic music world we are checking out “Program”, the latest drop from Duke & Jones. Lifelong friends and producing since the age of 12, Duke & Jones is an insanely popular house music duo hailing from the United Kingdom. With the core goal of allowing their music to speak for itself, Duke & Jones have made quite a prosperous career for themselves without the help of a record label or imprint. They were the first musical act to release an EP on Only Fans, which quickly nailed them front page placement and a slew of support across all social media platforms. Duke & Jones have embraced that power of social media, with both their TikTok series and YouTube channel being filled with hilarious and constantly growing content. Of course we can’t forget the elephant in the room, their mega viral hit “Jiggle Jiggle” with Louis Theroux. Even though the track started out as a joke, it quickly became an emote on Fortnite and was shared by Megan Thee StallionShakiraJimmy FallonROSÉ (from Blackpink), Snoop DoggAnthony HopkinsRita OraColdplay, and more

For as long as we’ve been producing, we’ve always loved to make super minimal, percussion-led drops. ‘Program‘ takes this classic Duke & Jones aesthetic and spins it into a warehouse-flavored house tune, built around soul vocal chops and West African talking drum samples.” – Duke & Jones.

While we definitely went through a dry spell when it comes to hilarious music content, over the last two years we’ve seen a major resurgence thanks to the likes of social media. Even though Duke & Jones had their viral mega-hit “Jiggle, Jiggle”, the duo is back to their main love in producing house music. “Program” is an example of their more minimal approach to EDM, focusing on strong kick drums with multi-genre influences for a bit of added flair. While the kick drums and a chopped-up vocal sample take center stage, the production blossoms into a single with grungy basslines and a tribal yet not jungle overall aesthetic. While we originally only knew Duke & Jones for their more comedic work, we’re thrilled to see just how dynamic they are as producer at the end of the day.

Make sure you check out “Program” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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