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DVBBS and Pop Sensation Quinn XCII Ooze Post Summer Vibes in New “West Coast”

Now that the warm weather is getting evicted and replaced by cool fall air. it’s time to full embrace the new season. On our most recent trip over to Ultra Records we were able check out “West Coast”, the latest single from DVBBS.  Since we started covering DVBBS back in 2017, they have had multiple successes and expanded their musical footprint on a global scale. This Canadian duo has since massively expanded their catalog, even earning a few platinum tracks along the way. DVBBS has even reached over one billion streams online, further expanding their reach in the global music scene. DVBBS has been honing their highly energetic live performances, even launching a monumental 2019 tour schedule with 250 tour dates.  We definitely need to make sure DVBBS is in our continuous rotation.

Sprinkle some DVBBS sauce on a Quinn XCII vocal, and this is what you get. Whether you’re from the West Coast or East Coast, we’ll be turning up together soon.” – DVBBS

West Coast‘ is about finding that easiness in life that we all need from time to time. The song came about in the studio one day after playing this raw piano melody that inspired this carefree feeling. DVBBS did an amazing job giving the song a fresh approach to a dance record that I’m excited to be a part of.” – Quinn XCII

In a disastrous year like 2020, we need all of the good vibes that any artist can offer. DVBBS and their latest single “West Coast” is the duo’s way of making a transporter across the country, ready for anyone to use at an instant with a single push of the play button. The land of palm trees, ocean breeze, and endless summer, many consider the west coast to be the land where all their worries can be washed away with beautiful sun rays and an easy-going lifestyle. DVBBS and pop sensation Quinn XCII truly embody the “west coast electropop” tone and aesthetic, providing us with a bouncy and optimistic soundtrack for the rest of the year.

Make sure you check out “West Coast” on Spotify below!

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