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Winning in 2017, Notaker Releases Final 2017 Track “Retribution”


After a month hiatus from us here at MiR, Notaker is back to end the year strong with a new track! Wrapping up our weekend we have “Retribution”, the latest from Notaker over at Mau5trap. Notaker has been rather busy and is quickly being noticed, as this track is being released with Armada Captivating. Fantastic record label, but it just keeps being better. Notaker’s style, reminiscence of superstars such as Deadmau5 and Hans Zimmer, will be nailed his next release over on mau5trap. 2017 sure has been Notaker’s year and it won’t be calming down anytime soon. Keep it up Notaker…we will be waiting.

There is no greater feeling than when injustice is finally righted. Notaker’s latest track “Retribution” takes a darker step into the abyss, focusing more on the analog and ambiance that Notaker has been trying to master. The track is spacey and cinematic in nature, which provides with a Blade Runner-esque warrior feel as we triumph and receive our own variations of “Retribution”. This is definitely a step in the right direction, as Notaker’s use of analog in this track is showing great growth in his experimentation with sound.

“This song was a step in a different, darker direction for me and the first time I’ve ever implemented analog sounds into my production process. The feeling of the song makes me imagine someone planning revenge on someone for the injustices they’ve done to them, hence the name Retribution.”  – Notaker

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