Indie Electropop Duo HUMANS Drops New Entertaining Compilation “Beggin” Music Video

When you finally find your niche within the independent scene, it may not be exactly what you would expect. With an inbox overflowing with requests these days (thank you all for reading!) we found HUMANS dropping by with their brand new music video for their track “Beggin”. Initially finding some success back in 2015, HUMANS dropped their debut LP Noontide and graced the community with their style. Determined to make their style stand out, HUMANS made it clear that they want to dwell in the world of experimental for as long as they can. Their style clearly hit an intriguing note, as the blend of experimental electro and indie pop even helped Noontide be nominated for an “Electronic Album of the Year” Juno award. Since then, HUMANS has continued to drop more EPs and cultivating a loyal audience just waiting for the next drop to come.

“When someone fucks up, they can go into self-pity mode. Oftentimes, the victim just wants to keep moving forward. While it’s good to be sorry if you find yourself on the wrong end of an argument, sometimes you just gotta move on from a relationship.” – HUMANS

As their first official drop of 2020, “Beggin” is definitely an interesting track that fits perfectly into the HUMANS mold. The hooks and melodies are strictly indie-pop, even down to the uplifting tone that breathes within each vocal hook. However, the electro bassline beats in unison, filled to the brim with an addictive groove. The bassline draws us in with each beat, reminding us of just how much of a chameleon electronic music can be. HUMANS electronic side feels like it was carefully crafted by the amazingly influential Chemical Brothers. If you are a fan of experimental electropop music, “Beggin” will definitely warm you up to the HUMANS  style.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Beggin” on YouTube below as well as audio on Spotify!

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