Max Styler Recruits YouTube Singer Ella Boh For Newest Summer Jam "Sleep Alone"

What is this? Max Styler putting out a release on another label other than Dim Mak?  If you are working hard and persistent, then you should be able to overcome any obstacle in your path to success.  Max keeps surprising us at MiR, bringing something different to the table each time he shows up. Keeping us alive during our work week we have the latest from Max with “Sleep Alone” on his home label of Dim Mak. Fun fact, Max actually holds the title of being one of the youngest producers signed to Aoki’s Dim Mak, as he signed on that dotted line at the ripe age of 18. Hopefully, the lessons he’s learned since will help him as he branches out. Since then he has been making major waves with putting out hit after hit while performing at some of the largest festivals in the world.

I came across Ella Boh on YouTube and loved her voice, so I had a song written that I thought would fit her style,” he says. “She knocked it out of the park, first try in the studio. I hope you love this track as much as we do!” – Max Styler”

While Max may definitely be a resident artist here at Mir, the incredibly talented Ella Boh is not. As we mentioned, Max brings us something new and refreshing every single time and doesn’t break from his method with his newest track “Sleep Alone”. Max excels as always with his interpretation of future bass and is easily complimented by Ella’s innocent yet sultry vocal work. Ella’s performance actually makes us feel that they could have been lovers in a past life. While Max has chosen rather talented performers to collaborate within the past, Ella may have to be a new favorite.

Make sure you check out “Sleep Alone” below!

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Credit: Joey Vitalari, VTL Media

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