Unique Alt-Rock Artist Maccie Drops Sultry New Single “Dungeons” and Let Us Spiral

Music has no bounds and the rules that exist in this standard norm are meant to be broken. As our independent scene continues to grow, we check out future alt-rock maven Maccie and her new single “Dungeon”. Raw and unhinged, Maccie took the guidelines put in place by the alt-rock genre and manipulates it to her will. Primal and overflowing with all kinds of feelings, Maccie creates a unique experience with each one of her performances. Now incorporating circus acts within her potential focus, Maccie’s live performances almost guarantee a hectic and chaotic experience. With this kind of artistic focus, Maccie will easily be a standout in the alt-rock independent scene.

When you finally hit that milestone of 500k streams for the first time, you know you have found your niche. Maccie’s vocal performance is the creme la creme of “Dungeon”, using plenty of utilization through the almost whisper-like vocal track. This adds to the mysterious and sultry nature of the track, almost like we are not supposed to know what is happening and become voyeurs. Even though our characters are on the run from the law, they can’t help but have a steamy session. IF we have learned anything from “Dungeons” it’s that Maccie grew into a mult-faceted and unpredictable artist. All we can do is get on her level and spiral down with her.

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