New From Tonspiel – Bolier/BLR Releases “One of Them Nights” Ft. Roya + BLR Remix

Man, this new track is #relatable. Alright, we have to apologize for that. Anyway, keeping the weekend fuel pumping we have our first track from over at Tonspiel with “One of Them Nights” by Bolier. Hailing from the proud Netherlands, you know, one of the countries that produce many of the best house and trance producers, Bolier has been a force to be reckoned with ever since he started his career. Splitting his time between the Bolier and BLR personas, this allows him to be able to tweak and experiment with new styles at his own leisure. Already putting forth a powerful start to 2018, we have no doubt that this will be the year of Bolier/BLR.

I like that nowadays, my focus is on any genre of music out there, from hip-hop to orchestral movie score music, and from urban pop to underground dance music.” – Bolier

Alright, we are going to generalize a bit here. Almost everyone has had “One of Them Nights”, but whatever defines it as such falls onto the individual. Anyway, the track dives head first into the world of electropop, quickly defining itself as a singalong anthem due to Roya’s fantastic vocal work. However, we are also treated to a remix from Bolier’s other half BLR that takes the track into a completely different direction. The BLR remix changes everything up, adding an exotic melody as well as a more forward-driven bass line.

Which version do you like better? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to give “One of Them Nights” a full listen below!

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