Indie Pop Group Death Party Playground Drop Unique “Still Memories” Off of New Album “Little Joy”

Sometimes when we are cruising through our inbox and socials, an artist pops up and we are hooked by name along. This time we are taking an easy Saturday morning and checking out the latest single “Still Memories” off the upcoming indie-pop Death Party Playground Little Joy LP . Founded by multi-instrumentalist Kyle Taylor, Death Party Playground was the result of many late-night recording sessions within a whiskey distillery. Honing his craft in his own time in between freelancing throughout the Chicago punk scene and solo sessions, Kyle Taylor eventually recruited the best talent available to make their sound a reality. Overtly fond of his guitar “Queen Jane” and his childhood piano, Taylor and Death Party Playground’s style remind us of a classic Springsteen and Waits blend.

While Death Party Playground has dropped multiple tracks and releases on Bandcamp since 2013, even dropping a compilation of them called, Bruce Willis Jog Playlist #3, Taylor himself considers Little Joy their official debut. Death Party Playground took plenty of care in recording Little Joy, primarily crafted within a historical church utilizing the beautiful aesthetic and natural sounds. For just a little taste of the result, Death Party Playground dropped  “Still Memories”, harnessing the beautiful romantic melody to entrance new audiences with their style. If “Still Memories” is an example of the power of Death Party Playground, we can’t wait for the rest of Little JoyLittle Joy will be officially live on January 17th, so keep your eyes peeled!

Makes sure you check out “Still Memories” on Soundcloud below!

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