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Protocol Vets Corey James & FaderX Craft An Illusion of Golden Age House in “Feed”

As Protocol continues to grow and recruit talents all around the world, their veterans hold down the fort and expand on the home front. On our weekly visit, Protocol treated us to “Feed” a brand new track from Corey James and FaderX. While Protocol has always been forward-thinking in terms of predicting trends and making waves, not every artist is pure gold. However, Corey James we can gladly say can hold his own. Recently known for his remixes and powerhouse collaborations, James is quickly cementing his name in the modern industry. Corey James adds fellow Protocol veterans FaderX to the collab mix, elevating the track with even more nostalgia. The trio appeared at Protocol with their hit “Cabrio”, which showcased the trios pure ball of energy that they were essentially hiding from the world. Since signing on that dotted line, FaderX has been a staple of the Protocol lineup.

Throughout this year, we have seen nostalgia on display more often than we had predicted. Many artists are digging into the back of their minds, pulling out whatever traces of nostalgic beats they can remember. Corey James and FaderX take this challenge head-on in “Feed”, aiming to take us back to the “Golden Age of Electro House” (2008-10). While we wouldn’t necessarily say it mentally transports us back into the late aughts when we fell in love with the subgenre, the distinctions are clearly there and we appreciate it. James and FaderX hit hard and fast between “Feed”‘s bassline and tempo-driven synths in an effort to create the illusion. However, that is all it is, an illusion. Time to hustle in the next “golden age”.

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