Suits Season 3: No Longer a Lawyer…

Hello everybody! Today we have a quickie review of the 3rd season of USA’s hit show Suits.


DIRECTOR: Aaron Korsch

STARRING: Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres

GENRE: Legal Drama, Comedy-Drama

YEAR: 2011 – Present

COUNTRY: United States

The merger between Pearson and Darby International is complete. Harvey, stinging from Jessica’s refusal to make him a named partner, begins plotting with Darby to take her down. Mike tries to mend his relationship with Harvey and seeks to clarify his new relationship with Rachel.

Harvey settles a case with his old mentor and nemesis, Cameron Dennis but his client, Ava Hessington, is arrested for murder. Darby sends his “fixer”, Stephen Huntley, to New York to help with the case, but Harvey realizes Darby wants Huntley to help him take the firm from Jessica. Harvey plans to take control from Jessica, but she confides her own plans to add him as named partner. Ava looks set to be convicted, until Mike discovers Huntley was actually responsible for the murders. Darby eventually agrees to testify against Huntley, only later realising his own plea bargain will leave him unable to practice law in the US. This allows Jessica to begin dissolution of the firm. Louis takes the lead on this, which leads to complications. Darby appoints Scottie to negotiate in the dissolution case, promising a named partnership if she wins.

Ava sues the firm for malpractice, with Travis Tanner as her attorney, but Harvey is eventually able to get her to withdraw the suit. Harvey tells Scottie he wants her in his life. Jessica learns of Mike and Rachel’s relationship and threatens to fire Mike unless Rachel signs an affidavit saying she knew of Mike’s fraud. She does so on the condition that Jessica waive the firm’s “Harvard rule” so she can apply there on graduation. She is accepted to Stanford but eventually decides to go to Columbia. Mike’s secret is nearly discovered by Louis, with the latter eventually being convinced that Mike only “fixed” a grade in a single class. Later, Mike realizes he will never be able to make a name for himself in law with the threat of his fraud being discovered, and he considers a career change. In the season three finale, Mike decides to take a job offer as an investment banker. This new job leaves Mike as a client of the firm, and he jokes with Harvey by telling him that Harvey technically works for him.

Suits has been one of my favorite shows since its inception in 2011. Season 3 has been an interesting ride, taking Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, and Jessica into very shady territory (Harvey already works in the grey area quite often, but we even take him into unknown waters). Gabriel Macht’s performance is by far my favorite throughout the entire season, he is so involved with his character that it turns into a simply awesome portrayal. What I have always liked about this show is the banter and dialogue between all of the characters, especially Harvey x Mike and Harvey x Jessica. Harvey and Mike have a fatherly/brotherly bond and they are constantly joking and making references that many people will pick up and enjoy. On the contrary, Harvey and Jessica often have very philosophical conversations that dive into each character.

Suits is one of my favorite tv shows that has premiered within the last few years, so it was very hard to nitpick on what I didn’t like about Suits. I wasn’t particularly fond of any of the main guest stars these season as their performances weren’t up to par with the main cast. I felt it could have hurt the season much more if the main cast hadn’t outperformed like they did. My biggest issue though was how the story arcs lasted much longer than they should have. I am looking at you Hesington Oil. I understand that you were a huge part of season 3, but you just can’t keep coming back. You are weighing Pearson Spectre down.

  •  Main cast performances.
  • Hilarious dialogue.
  • Entertaining plot.
  • Perfect blend of comedy and drama.


  •  Supporting cast performances. (Notably guest stars)
  • Some re-hashing of plot points.
  • Some story arcs are longer than they should be.

SCORE: 8.7 / 10 If you have any suggestions for films/TV/Games/Music for me to review, drop me a comment! Remember: Like Media In Review @ Follow Media in Review @

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