Archer Vice: ISIS the Cartel

Hello everybody! Today we have a review for the most recent season of FX’s Archer.




STARRING:  H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, George Coe, Adam Reed, Lucky Yates

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Black comedy, Crime, Espionage, Sitcom

YEAR: Jan. 14, 2010 – Current

COUNTRY: United States

When ISIS is disbanded by the U.S. government, its former employees take note of a hidden stockpile of cocaine that the agency accumulated from previous operations. They establish a new headquarters in Cheryl Tunt’s manor and form a drug cartel, before heading south to sell the cocaine to fund their retirements. Cheryl, who is already extremely wealthy, instead decides to launch a new career as a country singer. Along the way, the group attracts the attention of rival gangs and face problems that arise from the characters adapting to their new roles. This season is considered a “re-boot” of the series, taking the gang to new places away from the spy game.

Archer Vice takes the series in a whole new (while still familiar) direction that is just an absolute joy to watch. While the ISIS gang tries their hardest to sell their “tonne” of cocaine, but they really aren’t the best drug dealers. Are they really the best at anything? I mean, first they are a spy agency, then a drug cartel, then arms dealers. They just conveniently keep fucking everything up and it is hilarious to watch. I want to point out that this season we were able to see more of some of our favorite secondary characters (I.e. Pam, Kreiger, Cherlene). As part of the Archer Vice series, the producers even released a country album for Cherlene. Its actually pretty good to, listen to it here Cherlene: Songs from Archer.

While I really enjoyed this “re-boot” of Archer, I can see where many people are thinking it is a step forward in the wrong direction. This feeling is only supported by the fact that Archer creator Adam Reed has stated that the ISIS gang will be going back into the spy game for the next two seasons. A single season remake? Seriously? Also Lana finally gave birth. She pissed me off and was a total bitch as a pregnant woman. Archer had gone as far as they could with Lana being pregnant, thank god that is over. The mother in her will maybe give some decent content for the show to attract more viewers.


  • New direction for the show.
  • Outlaw Country!
  • Secondary characters have more screen time.


  • Lana is a bitch pregnant.
  • Could they have some success please?
  • Re-hashing old story lines.
  • One season reboot?

SCORE: 8.0 / 10

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