Limitless Bass Lord Buku Returns To Wakaan, Drops New Grimy Bass Music Single “Mr. Clean”

Sometimes we have to simply go back to our roots and adapt from the beginning to move forward. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out “Mr. Clean”, the latest single from Buku. Buku has been slowly becoming acquainted with the modern audience, having received praise from legendary producer Bassnectar and moderate success from previous releases. This has also allowed him to travel all around the world, with just coming off an Australian tour and moving along to a North American tour through July. One of Buku’s viral tracks, “Ready 4”, even made it onto the soundtrack of Madden ’18! The Madden curse didn’t affect Buku that much, as since then his career has only catapulted up the ladder. Buku has even netted many major performances at prominent stages such as  Lucky, Suwannee Hulaween, Lost Lands, Something Wonderful, SomethingWicked, Imagine, and Sunset Music Festiva. While Buku may be a renowned studio rat, he is constantly creating intriguing live shows and performances while relentlessly touring around the world. A Buku set is one that you have to experience live.

“Mr. Clean is intended to be the embodiment of the fun, light-hearted side of bass music. After spending so much time working on darker, more twisted sonic landscapes, I wanted to flip the script and create something for the dance floor. Honestly, the vocals were somewhat accidental- recorded as a pre-drop sample “placeholder.” However, I ended up liking them so much and decided to keep them. Proven to be a dance floor machine, this track has been getting outrageous crowd reactions all over the country, and for that, I am thankful.” – Buku

We had to dig back in our archives for this one, way back before Modern Neon finally took a more official form.  With “Mr. Clean” being the latest drop from Buku’s camp, it looks like he finally found a home where his aggressive bass music can run wild. While we were first introduced to Buku’s grimy bass style back in 2017, his conceptual world-building and crafting of soundscapes have surpassed anything that we’d imagined previously. By far one of the most versatile producers in the modern bass scene, Buku utilizes a catchy sample to hold the entire production together while he casually assaults us with an absolute onslaught of bouncy basslines. Simply put, “Mr. Clean” is Buku’s latest display of his continually evolving mastery of bass music production.  For those who still need grimy bass music in their lives on a daily basis, Buku is definitely a producer that should, if isn’t already, be in your rotation.

Make sure you check out “Mr. Clean” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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