Indie Single Jordan Brynn Releases 90’s Rock Throwback Debut Single “You Like Me Better”

Even if sub-sections of the indie rock world are starting to sound formulaic, just kick over another stone and you’ll find a new artist with a refreshing take. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “You Like Me Better”, the debut single from singer Jordan Brynn. Discovering her love for music production at age 11, Brynn began learning to play guitar and piano as well as write her own songs. Her passion blossomed in high school, where Brynn would perform in the local Nashville area and at writers’ nights throughout the area. While she currently studies university in Texas, she balances struggles of organic chemistry with songwriting in the library. Inspired by 90s rockers like Sheryl Crow, Brynn is taking a tried and true formula into her own hands.

“This EP is a record of teenage heartbreak, the scars left behind, and the lessons learned. Through these songs, I voice the feelings and the experiences not only of myself, but of any young girl who comes to find that time doesn’t heal like it’s supposed to. The record includes anthems and ballads about getting over him, and then getting over him some more. This EP is full of a lot of remembering, and at times, too little forgetting.” – Jordan Brynn

First off, we have to mention that we were genuinely surprised when we finally had a minute to press play on “You Like Me Better”. Your debut single is your first major step as a professional musician and we thought that this would be another emotional musician with their acoustic guitar singing about heartbreak. However, Brynn surprises us right out of the gate with a heavy guitar lick that serves as the backbone for the entire single and almost immediately we knew we were wrong. “You Like Me Better” as a fantastic throwback to female rockers of the mid-90s, while at the same time sounding fresh, original, and primed to make a major splash in 2021. If Brynn won you over like she did us, her debut EP will be releasing in January of 2022 and you know for a fact we will talk about it.

Make sure you check out “You Like Me Better” on Spotify below!

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Photos by Mallory Holcomb

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